rue Cler food Tour

Explore one of Paris’s most celebrated market streets, Rue Cler, located footsteps from the Eiffel Tower. Rue Cler is always bustling with locals and tourists alike. Join Veronique as she takes you on this French gastronomic journey exploring a popular fromagerie, a celebrated neighborhood boulangerie, a specialty artisanal pâté en croute shop and an well-known patisserie. The tour will also include a visit to a famed boucherie and specialty food store, established in 1936, to explore charcuterie. Rue Cler is a magical street and was home to France’s President Macron, before the Élysée Palace. Following the tour, you will be welcomed to chez Veronique, where you will enjoy a “degustation” (a tasting) purchased during your tour, accompanied by champagne and wine. 

Length: 2 hours - tasting on Rue Cler (no drinks)

300 euros for 1 to 2 people 350 euros for 3 people 400 euros for 4 people

Length: 3 hours - degustation at Veronique’s home, including wine and champagne

375 euros for 1 to 2 people 425 euros for 3 people 475 euros for 4 people

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Rue Cler Food Tour