"I adore Véronique's classes. It is the perfect Paris experience. Véronique showed us how to choose produce, fish, herbs and once even a beautifully woven basket. Bargaining with the vendors becomes an art form. Then home to a pretty kitchen to cook. Veronique's influences are her mother and grandmother who taught her the secrets of French cooking. Our class benefits from her charming stories and recipes. During the course of this fun morning, we laugh and learn, take notes and hope we remember all the tricks. During lunch we reap the rewards of our mornings labors. I come away savoring how lucky I am to have had this lovely adventure!" - Rosemary
"Véronique's cooking class is a truly unique French experience. We begin each class with a enthusiastic trip to the well known market on Avenue Saxe.  Veronique explores with us the fruits and vegetables of the season which we purchase with great care from her carefully chosen vendors.  We then retire to our kitchen where we have hands-on training in preparing each dish.  After much hard work (ok, we do have lots of talking and loads of questions and uncontrollable laughter) we sit down to enjoy our fruits of labor. Pure bliss, Veronique's bubbly personality, and her passion for cooking is what makes this whole experience so very memorable to each of us." - Sherry
"I have had the pleasure of taking Véronique’s class on cheese. She is a delightful teacher. She is knowledgeable but she is also charming and approachable. I only wish I had more time so that I could take all of her classes. At the American Women’s Group in Paris, we are proud to call her a valued member." - Rebecca

"Véronique is vivacious, animated and passionate about cooking. The classes are informative, practical and creative.  The food is colorful, appetizing and delicious. What else is there to say?" - Judy

"Véronique uses her professionalism and charm to create a very fun and at the same time very thorough learning experience.  The recipes and menus are very creative and easy to replicate. I highly recommend her services!" - Danielle

"Véronique cooks with charm and creativity, giving each individual the confidence to take her recipes home and recreate them on their own. Her classes are unique because she provides background on the dishes you will make, and how they're important to her, to the region of France they originate from, and to French gastronomy and heritage. There is always something new to be learned, from plating to using unique tools to prepare a particular dish. One walks away with French cuisine secrets and tips to be recreated again and again on your own, as well as to impress your family and friends." - Lynanne